001. Charlotte Apartment

Apartment Renovation
Kypseli, Athens

Status: Complete
Photography: Myrto Panteloglou

Charlotte Apartment is a renovation project of an apartment, located in the centre of Athens. The project takes advantage of the endless possibilities provided by the Athenian polykatoikia’s domino structure: transforming previously segregated rooms into an open plan layout.

A main driving force was to retain, restore and enhance any original elements of the apartment. The terrazzo floors were sanded for their original colour to come to the surface. The wooden floors were varnished, gaps caused by the removal of walls were creatively filled and the existing marble sink was fixed and re-installed in the new kitchen area.

A search for an honesty of materials and textures led to simple non-expensive solutions. Plywood was used throughout in its natural colour with routed joinery details, whereas white tiles were enhanced with a blue grout.

The original layout had the entrance to the kitchen from the corridor. By opening it up to the living room, the ritual of cooking becomes intertwined with the ritual of gathering. A bespoke steel sliding door with repurposed fluted glass from the old doors acts as a simple means to physically isolate the kitchen whilst keeping it visually connected to the dining and living space.
A bespoke table was designed to reflect the search for a figurative and symbolic architecture as well as the inherent qualities of the respective materials used.

The project aims to be a humble exploration of the poetics of space within the athenian polykatoikia.