005. Mavromichali Apartment


Apartment Renovation
Exarcheia, Athens

Status: Complete
Photography: threshold

The project is a selective renovation of a 45sqm flat in Exarcheia, Athens. The aim was to maintain and enhance the original elements of the flat, whilst adding contemporary comfort, in a very limited budget. A family of elements were chosen and acted as a protagonist for each room. For the bathroom, it was the selection of sanitaryware, for the kitchen a play on marble and for the bedroom, a theatrical cur.

All existing windows and doors were kept and enhanced with double glazing. The bathroom originally had a bathtub that took up significant space. A new shower was installed, clad in pink and white tiles and sanitaryware was replaced with green porcelain from the 1970s.

The kitchen’s marble sink was cleaned, repaired and polished and the existing marble slabs combined with new Volakas marble and white cabinetry as a background.

A collection of stories, old and new, interacts and co-exists discretely and silently.