021. Mavrommataion Apartment

Apartment Renovation
Exarcheia, Athens

Status: Complete
Photography: Vasso Paraschi

The apartment is situated on the 6th floor of a polykatoikia building in the heart of Athens, at the intersection of two main avenues. The previous owner had undertaken a series of renovations, removing many of its original elements.

Consequently, we faced two significant challenges: noise pollution from the avenues and a series of spaces that lacked context.

However, amidst the noise, the apartment's three terraces boasted breathtaking views: the park, the sea, the Acropolis, and the city.

Our aim was to highlight this contradiction by creating a Mediterranean country house right in the midst of the city.

A dead-stock terracotta floor was applied throughout, seamlessly blending the interior and exterior spaces and eliminating visual boundaries. In contrast, triple-glazed windows in a subtle olive colour (referencing the Greek countryside) were installed to provide acoustic comfort and isolate the spaces from the sounds of the city.

On the top floor, secluded from its surroundings, rests a pine desk spanning two meters in length.

The remaining materials in the kitchen and bathroom, in various shades of white, provide a subtle backdrop.

The project aims to serve as a retreat from the city's everyday life while maintaining a sense of rootedness.