010. To Lemoni Cafe

Shop Conversion Into A Cafe & Brand Identity
Keratsini, Attica
Status: Completed

Collaboration with Taria Hocke
Photography: Myrto Panteloglou

           ‘To Lemoni’ is a conversion of a confectionary shop into a coffee shop in Keratsini, Attica. Due to the very limited budget of the project, the key driving force was to retain as much as possible from the existing space and all additional materials to be left in their raw, natural state.

The existing terrazzo floor was polished to its original colour, whilst the facade structure and metal staircase were carefully restored and repainted. The shop’s counter is built out of cheap Alpha Block bricks, which were treated with a mat, transparent coat, whilst the top is Volakas marble with pink and grey veins.

The treatment of the shop’s outdoor space follows the same principle as the interior; plain pavement tiles were used yet placed in a slightly unordinary way to differentiate it from the adjacent public pavement.

This simplicity of elements was also translated to the shaping of the shop’s visual identity, logo, cards, etc. designed in collaboration with illustrator Taria Hocke.