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threshold is the project of Yiorgos Katsanos and Stefania Tsigkouni. Formed in 2020 and based in Athens, we are interested in the identification, de-construction and continuous re-interpretation of the local vernacular. Through research, fabrication, design and writing we seek to explore the hidden narratives that lie around us.

We are storytellers. We are designers. We are architects.


Our studio shares a roof and has an ongoing collaboration with aTs architects and ceramist Chryssavgie Tsigkouni.

Sevasteias 12, Ilissia 115 28, Athens

For commissions, collaborations, or any other enquiries please contact us:



2023 - Mavrommataion Apartment, The Greek Foundation
2023 - M&J Apartment, Domes (δΟΜΕΣ), issue 167, DOMa
2023 - To Lemoni, Domes (δΟΜΕΣ), issue 166, DOMa
2022 - M&J Apartment, The Greek Foundation
2022 - To Lemoni, The Greek Foundation
2021 - Charlotte’s Apartment, The Greek Foundation
2021 - Charlotte’s Apartment, Archisearch
2021 - Charlotte’s Apartment, Archetype
2021 - Charlotte’s Apartment, Kataskeves Ktirion