011. Vasileos Georgiou B’ Apartment


Apartment Renovation
Pagrati, Athens

Status: Complete
Photography: Lea Abaz
Custom ceramic handles and vases: Chryssavgie Ceramics

The initial apartment had been converted into an office- active for the last 30 years. The project was the re-conversion of the office into a two-bed apartment that would now be able to accommodate a modern family.

Initially the kitchen had been moved to the master bathroom. The proposal brought it back to its initial position but open to the living spaces, creating a fluid movement and allowing maximum sunlight to enter the room.

Materiality played an important role in the realisation of the project. Taking context from the polikatoikia’s (apartment block’s) circulation spaces, Kokkinaras marble was used for the bathroom floor and kitchen countertops. On the same principle, the oak found on the floors is re-interpreted into a cabinet.

The kitchen, the darkest spot of the apartment, is lightened up by solid blue cabinets. The extractor hood is a bespoke design in order to accommodate spotlights, a rail for drying tea or hanging plants, and a shelf for cooking books.

All the cabinet handles were a special commission to Chryssavgie Ceramics, made specifically for the apartment.